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Technical Support

Technical support


Technical support in well-equipped technical department of ACE Power Electronics

The technical department of ACE Power Electronics is modern, well-equipped with digital and analog electronic instruments. Along with the specialized personnel contribute to identify, evaluate and resolve problems.
If you experience any kind of fault, call us today at +30 210 9966555.
The fault might be repaired even via phone and /or internet in some cases, otherwise upon request the equipment is been sent for check in the technical department or an on-site visit can be scheduled.



On-Site Technical support

ACE Power Electronics has qualified technicians who provide various services on-site including: on-site installation, batteries installation, batteries replacement or parts replacement when deemed necessary, repair of the equipment, updates and upgrades of the software and other services.
An asset of having on-site support is the evaluation not only of the machine itself but also its environment and its operating conditions, since the environment conditions affect the reliable operation of the equipment the technician suggests corrective actions to the customer.



Service – ACE Power Electronics Support

The technical department is at your disposal during working days and hours in order to: answer your questions, guide you for the installation of the equipment and support you in case a fault is detected.
For Service Support please call us at +30 210 9966555 or send your request here
Also, a 24/7 service response time is providing upon request of commitment with the Maintenance Contracts.