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Voltage stabilizers

Voltage stabilizers

-What is voltage stabilizer?

The voltage stabilizers are designed to supply loads steady voltage in order to protect any electrical or electronic device.
An excessive voltage variation without a protection may reduce the life cycle or destroy the equipment or the machine.
Voltage stabilizers provide steady voltage supply to the connected loads when the supply voltage fluctuates (increases and decreases). Also they are the ideal solution where protection is required from voltage fluctuates without the need for uninterrupted power supply.

-How does a voltage stabilizer work?

Voltage stabilizers composed of an autotransformer multiple shots, and a control circuit that measures the voltage, compares it with the desired output voltage and corrects directly.
The voltage stabilizers are divided into two categories electronic and electromechanical.

ACE Power Electronics provides voltage stabilizers.

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Electronic voltage stabilizers

-What is Electronic voltage stabilizer?

Electronic voltage stabilizers are designed to provide steady voltage supply to the loads that are connected to them, where the network supply voltage fluctuates.

-How does an electronic voltage stabilizer work?

The electronic voltage stabilizer has an autotransformer with a sufficient number of shots, depending on the rate of stabilization of the output voltage. A microprocessor measures the voltage of the electricity network, compares the desired output voltage and corrects it directly. Selection of the appropriate shot of the autotransformer is made electronically. During the operation, the microprocessor controls the current output and the state of the circuit.

Εlectromechanical voltage stabilizers

-What is Εlectromechanical voltage stabilizer?

The electromechanical voltage stabilizers protect the loads that are connected to them, from the continuous voltage fluctuations of the power supply network.
The design of electromechanical voltage stabilizers makes them suitable for operation in any kind of installation from home to industrial applications.

-How does an electromechanical voltage stabilizer work?

The electromechanical voltage stabilizer has a variable autotransformer (Variac) and a control circuit. When there is a deviation of the voltage from the desired value of the output voltage, a command is issued for the correction by the variable the autotransformer (Variac).

The simple and clever way of operation makes it, reliable and efficient, increasing the MTBF of over 200,000 hours.

Surge Protector

Scudo Surge Protector and Energy Saving is the ideal solution for protection of electronic devices from the grid.

• 7-outlet surge protector
• Provides overvoltage protection
• Provides modem/phone line surge protection
• Master – Slave energy saving system (deactivates Slave sockets when the load on the Master is <20W) • Ideal for computers & peripherals