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Neo III 3/3 (30-60KVA)

Neo III 3/3 (30-60KVA)

On line UPS

UPS Neo ΙΙI 3/3 is a reliable solution signed by ACE Power Electronics.  The Neo III 3/3 uses double conversion technology to provide clean, high level quality power to fully protect mission-critical devices such as communications networks, small computer centers, servers, telecoms applications and industrial applications.


Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

DSP technology guarantees high reliability

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology digitizes data and mathematically processes it to provide upgraded solutions and high performance.

Output power factor 1

For critical applications the online three-phase UPS with output power factor 1.0 ensures higher and upgraded performance.

Αctive power factor correction in each phase

The power factor correction is active at all periods and increases the input performance.

Double input

Neo III 3/3 is available optional and with double input for higher flexibility in system configuration.

50/60 Hz Frequency Converter Mode

Ability to select the output frequency at 50 Hz or at 60 Hz to support sensitive equipment.

Replaceable Power Units

Neo III 3/3 has easily replaceable power units, to ensure their rapid replacement in case of malfunction.

Emergency Power Off (EPO) Function

This feature can secure the personnel and equipment in case of emergency.

Configurable charging current

The user can select the charging current  through the LCD screen depending on the application.

Powerful charger

The Neo III 3/3 series has a built-in powerful charger with long-term support capabilities, when connected to a high-capacity external battery pack.

Flexible design for batteries

Τhe number of batteries is adjusted according to the power requirements. This feature allows the UPS to continue to operate even if some batteries are damaged.

Parallel operation with common batteries

The system can operate in parallel, increasing its power and efficiency. In addition, the parallel UPS system can operate with a common battery pack, resulting in the same performance at a lower cost.

Model Neo III 3/3 30K Neo III 3/3 60K
PHASE 3 phase input / 3 phase output
PARALLEL CONFIGURATION up to 4 units totally


Nominal Voltage 3 x 360/380/400/415 VAC (3Ph+N)
Voltage Range 110-300 VAC @ 50% load 176-276 VAC @ 100% load
Frequency Range 40~70Hz
Power Factor ≥ 0.99 @ 100% load
Distortion (THDi) < 4% with linear load


Output Voltage 3 x 360*/380*/400/415 VAC (3Ph+N)
AC Voltage Regulation (Batt.Mode) ± 1%
Frequency Range (Synchronized Range) 46~54Hz or 56~64Hz
Frequency Range (Batt.Mode) 50/60 Hz ± 1%
Crest Factor 3:1 (max)
Harmonic Distortion ≦ 2 % THD (linear load) ; ≦ 5 % THD (non linear load)
Transfer Time AC Mode to Batt. Mode Zero
Inverter to Bypass Zero
Waveform (Batt. Mode) Pure Sine wave
Overload 100-110 for 60 min, 111-125% for 10 min, 126%-150% for 1 min, >150% immediate shutdown


Nominal Voltage 3×360/380/400/415 VAC (3Φ+Ν)
Voltage Range 305-457 VAC
Frequency Range (Synchronized Range) 46~54Hz or 56~64Hz
Overload >130% 1 min (default)

Continuous operation until first activation (optional)


AC Mode 95.5%
ECO Mode 98.5%
Battery Mode 94.5%


Type 12V/7A or 9Ah Internal depends on the application
Number (16+16)x2 12V x 32~40 pcs (configurable)
Charging Current (max.) 1~12A, (configurable) 1-18A, (configurable)
Charging Voltage +/-13.65V*N (N = 16~20)


LCD Panel UPS status, Load level, Battery level, Input/Output voltage, Discharge timer, Fault conditions


Dimension, D X W X H (mm) 815x300x1000
Net Weight (kgs) 207 (with batteries 12V/7Ah) 74


Temperature 0-40°C
Humidity < 95% non condensing
Altitude 0 ~ 1000m full load
Noise Level < 65dB @ 1 m < 70dB @ 1 m


Smart RS-232 / USB Supports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows 7/8/10, Linux and MAC

Power management from SNMP and web browser (optionally)











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