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Multi Power2 500-1600 KVA

Multi Power2
Modular UPS

Treasuring the previous experience and deeply understanding our customers’ needs, we conceived a second generation of modular solutions for critical high density computing environments encompassing small, medium and large data centers, as well as any other critical
power application. Riello Multi Power2 is the evolution of our modular UPS, which aims to offer higher power density, simpler integration to both existing and new installations and last but not least enhanced operating efficiency and global flexibility to reduce both the upfront investment and the day-to-day operational costs.

Thanks to its modular architecture, the system can be adapted to the load demands to avoid any oversizing and provide the best performance in every working condition. With a new extremely high-density power module, available in two different models, our solution reaches up to 1600 kW in a single UPS and up to 6400 kW with 4 systems in parallel.


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One of the biggest challenges of ourtime is sustainability, not only in the Data Center industry but across many other fields, such as healthcare, power generation, telecommunications, trade and education. This is the reason why we have developed the new best-in-class power module based on the latest silicon carbide technology (SiC), which reduces cooling requirements and allows for more compact, more reliable and more robust solutions.

Our modules reach an efficiency up to 98.1% in ON LINE double conversion, providing the best power supply to critical equipment whilst minimising operating costs and energy losses. High efficiency is achieved even in case of extremely low loads thanks to EFFICIENCY CONTROL Mode, where our system will automatically activate only the required number of Power Modules, ensuring the highest efficiency and granting, at the same time, the redundancy level requested. Moreover Multi Power2 is able to work in temperatures up to 40 °C (without any derating), minimising the demand and consumption of cooling systems. Our units deploy such advanced technologies that they offer faster and more reliable communication between all the system parts and achieve outstanding dynamic performances.


Multi Power2 has been designed to be easy scalable and quickly adaptable to any increase in load, providing a pay-as-yougrow approach that optimises both the initial investment and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The range consists of:

• MP2 – Multi Power2 up to 500 kW,

• M2S – Multi Power2 Scalable from 1000 kW to 1600 kW.

The MP2 frame can host up to 8 modules while M2S accepts up to 30 modules (according to the cabinet power and the redundancy requirements). Power Modules are available in two different 67 kW – 3U versions: the standard one (IGBT) can reach a 96.5% efficiency, whereas the BLUE one (SiC) boasts outstanding efficiency of 98.1% in ON LINE Mode. The modules are designed to be fully independent, hot-swappable, mechanically segregated and with embedded selective disconnection at both the input and output stage. The Bypass is modular and fully rated according to the maximum power of the system (500 kW, 1000 kW, 1250 kW, 1600 kW), enabling it to clear higher short circuit currents.


Our Smart Modular Architecture (SMA) is the result of a new design approach focused on a deep interconnection between hardware and software. It provides an extremely reactive system which ensures business continuity in every operating condition. Multi Power2 is a step forward in every part of the system, from the power module to the HMI passing through the cabinet:

• Intelligence is distributed to avoid any single point of failure and ensure the protection of the equipment even on the off chance of a failure.

• Automatic health-checks are performed during the plug-in of each module to verify its status and avoid defective components. Operation is completely risk-free and enables the user to increase the power or redundancy of the system while the UPS is protecting the load. If a module has a different firmware version, the system aligns it to one of the other modules.

• Comprehensive upgrade of the firmware can be performed while the unit is working in ON LINE double conversion.

• Continuous monitoring is possible thanks to the several sensors embedded in each module: they allow the user to check the status of the UPS and analyse the running and environmental parameters to ensure the best operating performances. This helps to identify specific predictive maintenance services based on the actual working conditions.

• Embedded interleaving technology grants a significant reduction of the ripple current values and extends the lifespan of the batteries and DC capacitors.


The Multi Power2 is extremely reliable as it is designed to avoid any single point of failure. This principle is applied to all the parts of the unit, even to the internal communication structure, which

is completely redesigned and now made by two separate and fully redundant high-speed buses. To provide the highest level of quality and process control, each component of the system, from the modules to the cabinet, is designed and manufactured in Italy moreover, all component suppliers are carefully selected through a strict process of approval. At the end of our production line, all modules and full units undergo specific tests to verify that each component operates correctly. All collected measurements and data are analysed to keep improving our products and provide our customers with the most updated technologies. To enhance the lifespan of the UPS, each module incorporates status counters, as well as temperature and humidity sensors, providing real-time analytics for operators.


The Multi Power2 has been conceived to be fully customisable to meet the specific needs of each installation and quickly adapt to the load increase. Thanks to the hot-swappable features, the increase of power can be done while the unit is working in ON LINE double conversion without any disruption to the load. All the major components of the UPS are modular and can be easily added and/or replaced by the engineer, minimising the site intervention cost and avoiding any downtime.

The Multi Power2 is available in many configurations and frames:

• PCM: very compact solution with integrated manual bypass.

• PC0: unit supplied with unique I/O and without switches to simplify the integration with the existing electrical infrastructure and to meet any space constraints.

• PCS: fully integrated, for a complete, simple and very reliable installation, with main input, bypass, manual bypass and output switches. The units have been designed with several standard features:

• Top or bottom cable entry,

• Air filter,

• Fans monitoring,

• Backfeed detection circuit and protection,



• Power walk-in,

• Separate or common batteries,

• Compatibility with several storage technologies: VRLA, Li-Ion, NiCd, Supercaps,

• Smart grid ready.

A full set of options is available to fit the requirements of each installation, in both IT and non-IT environment:

• Parallel kit,

• Cold start kit,

• Internal backfeed protection device,

• Bottom cable entry for MP2 500,

• Overall coating treatments,

• IP 31 protection,

• Power bars Thermoscan,

• Connection cabinet (2x MP2 500),

• Synchronisation device (UGS),

• Hot connection device (PSJ).


The Multi Power2 is equipped with a 10” colour touch screen display that simultaneously provides information, measurements and operating states of the entire system and of each individual power

module. The user interface also includes a LED bar which delivers immediate and clear information regarding the current status of the UPS. To ensure a simple, quick and full connection to the existing

infrastructure, by default all Multi Power2 units are equipped with:

• network card NetMan 208,

• embedded configurable In/Out signals (10 inputs and 8 outputs),

• 2 free slots for the installation of optional communication accessories such as network adaptors and extra volt free contacts

• R.E.P.O. Remote Emergency Power Off. The units are also compatible with:

• PowerShield3 monitoring and shutdown software included for Windows operating systems 11, 10, 8, Server 2022, 2019, 2016 and previous versions, Windows Server Virtualization Hyper-V, macOS, Linux, Citrix XenServer and other Unix operating systems,

• RielloConnect for remote and proactive monitoring services.


The unit was carefully engineered to simplify positioning, installation and maintenance operations. Connection terminals are accessible straight from the front of the unit for a safe and easy deployment. All main elements are accessible from the front and, since they are hot-swappable, they can be replaced without any risk while the unit is still protecting the load, minimising the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). Thanks to the embedded intelligence, powerful computing capacity and outstanding connectivity, we can monitor remotely the status of the UPS and provide dynamic and bespoke services to increase its lifespan.

MODEL Multi Power2 500 KVA Multi Power2 1000 KVA Multi Power2 1250 KVA Multi Power2 1600 KVA
Cabinet Type MP2 500 Power Cabinet M2S 1000 Power Cabinet M2S 1250 Power Cabinet M2S 1600 Power Cabinet
UPS Nominal Power3 [kW] 500 1000 1250 1600
Bypass Power [kW] 500 1000 1250 1600
Power factor [pf] 1
Module slots available 8 20 30
Number of PM to reach full power 8x MP2 67 PM 15x MP2 67 PM 19x MP2 67 PM 24x MP2 67 PM
Parallelable up to 4 units
Max power expandability [kW] 2000 4000 5000 6400
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] & weight [kg] PCM4 Type 600x870x1995/640
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] & weight [kg] PC05 Type 2400x1025x2000/1866 2400x1025x2000/2014 3400x1025x2000/2465
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] & weight [kg] PCS6 Type 3000x1025x2000/2216 3000x1025x2000/2364 4000x1025x2000/2815
System Noise Level [dBA±2] <69 <75
ECO Mode Efficiency up to 99%
Cabinet IP rating IP20 (IP31 as optional)
Cable Input Front access – top (bottom with optional) Front access – top or bottom
Color RAL 9005
Ambient temp. for the UPS 0 °C – +40 °C
Ventilation Front to rear
Range of relative humidity 5-95% non-condensing
Standards European directives: LV 2014/35/EU low voltage Directive EMC 2014/30/EU electromagnetic compatibility Directive Standards: Safety IEC EN 62040-1; EMC IEC EN 62040-2; RoHS compliant Classification in accordance with IEC 62040-3 (Voltage Frequency Indipendent) VFI – SS – 111
Moving UPS cabinet types Castors (cabinets shipped without PM) Pallet jack









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