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Εlectromechanical voltage stabilizers

-What is Εlectromechanical voltage stabilizer?

The electromechanical voltage stabilizers protect the loads that are connected to them, from the continuous voltage fluctuations of the power supply network.
The design of electromechanical voltage stabilizers makes them suitable for operation in any kind of installation from home to industrial applications.

-How does an electromechanical voltage stabilizer work?

The electromechanical voltage stabilizer has a variable autotransformer (Variac) and a control circuit. When there is a deviation of the voltage from the desired value of the output voltage, a command is issued for the correction by the variable the autotransformer (Variac).

The simple and clever way of operation makes it, reliable and efficient, increasing the MTBF of over 200,000 hours.

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