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Energy Saving Systems

Ecostab - Ecobuck - Energy Saving Systems

Energy saving systems

reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency of equipment that uses electricity.
More organizations and companies realizing the need to reduce their energy footprint. Implementation of energy saving systems provide efficient energy saving solutions in private and public sector.

ACE Power Electronics provides energy saving systems that can be connected centrally in the installation and multi-sockets with energy saving mode.

• STABILUX Luminous flux regulators
• ECOSTAB Energy Saving Systems
• Scudo Multi-socket protector & energy saving

All the energy saving systems of ACE Power Electronics are CE marked.
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-What is energy saving system ECOSTAB?



voltage optimisers

are one of the solutions offered by new technologies to users. These devices comply with the requirements of IEC 60038 for electric equipment operating tolerances and supply an operating voltage which minimises consumption without impairing performance or reducing reliability.

This power supply difference allows to:
a. obtain a significant saving of energy;
b. extend the working life of electric equipment. Ecostab voltage optimisers prevent devices from being powered at higher values than the rated voltage. For example, it is a known fact that the life of sodium bulbs is reduced by 50% when they are powered at a voltage 10% higher than their rated value;
c. secure a significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. This corresponds to approximately 630 g for every saved kWh of energy.

– How does energy saving system ECOSTAB works?

IEC 60038 establishes that the electric equipment must be able to work correctly at an input voltage within ±10% of the nominal value, that is from 253V to 207V for single-phase devices and from 440V to 360V for three-phase devices. This is an essential feature for all electric devices because energy producers establish that the supplied voltage may vary within these limits contractually. As a consequence, if a load is supplied at a value close to the lower operating tolerance limit (-10%) also when the mains voltage assumes the higher value established by contract (+10%), the difference between 253V and 207V in absolute terms is 18%. ECOSTAB minimises consumption without impairing performance or reducing reliability.
ACE Power Electronics provides the energy saving systems ECOSTAB.

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Scudo Multisocket protector & energy saving

-What is Multisocket protector & energy saving?

Multisocket protector & energy saving is designed to reduce power consumption of electronic devices and protects them from sudden changes in voltage and voltage spikes.

It works with the principle Master-Slave disabling slave sockets when the load on the Master socket is <20W. Main characteristics: • Socket Protector with 7 shucko outputs • Surge & Spikes Protection • Telephone Line Protection - Modem - Internet • Master-Slave mode for energy saving • Ideal for IT loads and PC peripherals

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