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Customer Service

Delivery and Installation


Delivery of products

You can directly pick up products during working hours from our headquarters. Upon request we can deliver your products in your site. For deliveries abroad we always selected trusted partners whom provide their services with international transport certification systems.



Installation of products from ACE Power Electronics

The installation of the products is carried out by qualified personnel. Also, instructions for the preparation of the product placement are provided. These preparatory operations involve the preparation of the placement, electrical and /or electromechanical operations such as electrical wiring and the ventilation or the air conditioning of the place. After the above process is completed the equipment installation takes place along with necessary

verification checks

 and functional tests as specified by the manufacturer. Also other checks or operations might have held out according to the current installation regulations. Finally, the operation and demonstration of equipment takes place. Also they are provided detailed instructions about the equipment and its maintenance. Moreover, customer training is provided.


User training


The training of the products is essential for the later correct functioning of the equipment. The training is defined in agreement with the customer and can be carried with one or more users of the equipment.