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Master FC 400

Master FC 400
Frequency Converter

Master FC400 series static

frequency converters

are available from 30 to 125 kVA, with 50 or 60 Hz input and 400 Hz output. The result of extensive experience acquired in the UPS industry, the Master FC 400 series is distinguished by the use of technologically advanced components and for excellent reliability, ease of maintenance and ease of operation.

The Master FC400 series uses double conversion technology (VFI SS 111 voltage and frequency independent compliant with IEC EN 62040-3), with an integrated output transformer to ensure the galvanic isolation of the load from mains disturbances under all conditions.

The output voltage is 208 Vca three-phase (adjustable 200 – 215 VAC).

Thanks to high frequency

IGBT technology

and digital control, Master FC400 frequency converters are ideal for airport, military and

naval applications




Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

Minimum impact on mains – easy source
The Master FC400 was designed to reduce to a minimum the impact on the mains or generator located upstream, thanks to the low harmonic content input and the progressive start of the rectifier.
These features make the Master FC400 frequency converters especially compatible with generators.

Easy installation and maintenance
The Master FC400 requires a small space for installation (only 0,86m2 for a 125 KVA model). The main assemblies of the UPS can be easily accessed for maintenance, via the removable front panel. Fans located in the top of the UPS cabinet, eliminate the need for side or rear access, and allow the UPS to be placed against a wall.

Master FC400 provides additional protection for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Powering airplanes in airports
  • Radar and flight-control systems
  • Naval applications
  • Military applications
  • Power for test benches.

Battery Back-up
MFC is also available as UPS with battery back-up.



Nominal voltage380 – 400 – 415 VAC three-phase
Voltage tolerance400 V ± 20%
Frequency45 – 65 Hz
Current distortion< 5% C (HC Version)
Soft start0 – 100% in 120’’ configurable


Nominal power (KVA)306080100125
Active power (KW)24486480100
Nominal voltage  208 VAC three-phase + N
Static stability± 1%
Dynamic stability± 5%
Voltage distortion < 3% with linear load / < 4% with non-linear load
Frequency 400 Hz
Crest factor (lpeack/lrms)3/1
Overload 110% for 60’; 125% for 10’; 150% for 1’


Weight (kg)330480500530590
Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)555 x 740 x 1400800 x 800 x 1900
Remote signalsdry contacts 
Remote controlsESD and bypass
Communications Double RS232 + dry contacts + 2 slots for communications interface
Operating temperature0 – 40 ° C  (50°C @ 75% load)
Relative humidity<95% non-condensing
Colour Light grey RAL 7036
Noise level at 1 m (ECO Mode)62 dBA65 dBA68 dBA70 dBA72 dBA
IP ratingIP20
Efficiency up to 92%
StandardsDirectives LV 2006/95/EC – 2004/108/EC; Safety IEC EN 62040-1;
EMC IEC EN 62040-2; Performance IEC EN 62040-3
Classification in accordance
with IEC 62040-3
(Voltage Frequency Independent) VFI – SS – 111
Moving the UPS transpallet 









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