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Iris (800-3000VA)

Iris (800-3000VA)

Line Interactive UPS

IRIS UPS is a reliable and economical solution signed by ACE Power Electronics. The IRIS range includes models 800-3000VA that can be installed as a tower or in rack cabinets, adapted to user needs.



Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

Main features:

Pure sine wave output
With pure sine wave output, IRIS series guarantees compatibility for all kinds of loads.

User-friendly and easy rotation LCD display
The front panel digital display can be easily shifted by pressing shift button to suit the installation format, vertically stand or flatly wall mount.

Rack/Tower Design
The IRIS UPS range is designed for tower and rack cabinets. This function is very easy and requests limit time. A rack mount kit is also provided.

Output power factor 0.8
IRIS is a high-density UPS with output power factor 0.8 to provide higher performance and efficiency to critical applications.

Built-in boost and buck AVR
With built-in voltage regulator, the UPS will maintain regulated nominal output without using battery power during brownouts and overvoltages from 161-290V.

Hot-swappable battery design
This design ensures clean and uninterruptible power to protected equipment with mains presence, during battery replacement.

Programmable power management outlets
With programmable power management outlets, users can easily and independently control load segments. Also, allows users to extent the runtime for critical loads.

ECO mode operation for energy saving (ECO)
The ECO mode function allows cost-effective operation of UPS Systems as high as 98%. In this operation mode, load is supplied by the mains. In the event of a mains failure, the inverter takes over the load and provides supply continuity to the connected systems.

SNMP + USB + RS-232
The communication of the UPS is done via the USB and RS- 232 ports, also there is the possibility to communicate via SNMP.

CAPACITY800VA / 640W1100VA / 880W1500VA / 1200W2000VA / 1600W2500VA / 2000W3000VA / 2400W
Voltage220/230/240 VAC
Voltage Range161-290 VAC
Frequency Range60/50 Hz (auto sensing)
Voltage Regulation (Line Mode)-10% /   +6%
Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode)± 5 % (before battery alarm)
Frequency Range (Batt. Mode)50 Hz ή 60 Hz ± 1 Hz
Current Crest Ratio3:1
Harmonic Distortion8% max @ 100% linear load, 15% max @ 100% non-linear load
Transfer TimeTypical 2-6 ms, 10ms max.
Waveform (Batt. Mode)Pure Sine wave
AC Mode97%97%97%
Buck & Boost Mode90%90%90%
Battery Mode83%85%87%
Type & Number12V / 7Ah x 212V / 9Ah x 212V / 7Ah x 412V / 9Ah x 412V / 7Ah x 612V / 9Ah x 6
Charging Voltage27.4 VDC ± 1%54.8 VDC ± 1%82.1 VDC ± 1%
Typical Recharge Time4 hours recover to 90% capacity
 Overload, discharge, and overcharge protection
LCD DisplayAC Mode, Battery Mode, Load Level, Batteries capacity, Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Overload, Fault & Low Battery
Battery ModeSounding every 10 seconds
Low BatterySounding every second
OverloadSounding every 0.5 seconds
Batteries replacementSounding every 2 seconds
FaultContinuously sounding
Dimension Tower Model H x W x D (mm)438 x 88 x 360438 x 88 x 480438 x 88 x 600
Dimension Rack Model H X W X D2U x 19′ x 360mm2U x 19′ x 480mm2U x 19′ x 600mm
Net Weight (kgs)14.815.823253235
Humidity0-90 % RH (non-condensing)
Temperature0 – 40°C
Noise Level<45dB
Smart RS-232/USBSupports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows 7, Linux, Unix & MAC
SNMP (Optional)Power management from SNMP manager and web browser

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