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Merus A2 – Series Active harmonic filters

Merus active harmonic filters provide a solution for real-time cancellation of harmonic distortions created by non-linear loads to ensure compliance with IEEE 519, G5/4 and other power quality standards and recommendations. Merus active harmonic filters are a versatile solution, easily tailored to deliver power factor improvement, voltage variation control, flicker mitigation and load balancing functionality.

The Merus A2-series active harmonic filters are designed for light industrial and commercial buildings with voltage level up to 480V.  Merus M-series active harmonic filters are customized for demanding applications and are available from 480V up to 1000V. Equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and reporting functionality, the robust Merus active filters operate in harsh environments and are easily scalable.


Merus A2

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A versatile solution for versatile power quality challenges

  • Harmonic mitigation up to the 50th harmonic
  • Dynamic reactive power compensation
  • Reduction of voltage variations and flicker mitigation
  • Reduced voltage variations and flicker caused by fast fluctuating industrial loads
  • Load balancing in three-phase systems

Tailored to your specific application

  • Wide power range with centralized monitoring and control
  • Single A2-series active harmonic filter capacities range from 50 amperes to 200 amperes
  • Single M-series active harmonic filter capacities range from 420 amperes to 800 amperes
  • To obtain higher power, several active harmonic filters can be installed in parallel
  • Several operation modes to emphasize active harmonic filtering or dynamic reactive power compensation
  • 3- and 4-wire connectivity in A2-series
    • All A2-series units can be connected in 4-wire configuration to compensate single-phase loads and neutral wire harmonics
  • Hybrid operation
    • Conventional reactive power compensation based on passive components can be managed with Merus active harmonic filter user interface
  • Unlike passive filters, Merus active harmonic filters adapt to changes in system configuration

Robust design that fits

  • The A2-series Merus active harmonic filters can be flexibly fitted to cubicles of different dimensions
  • The modular design adds redundancy and allows you to optimize system capacity
  • The A2-50 and A2-100 active filters modules can also be wall-mounted

Advanced monitoring and control

  • Intuitive touch screen HMI allows quick and easy configuration of settings and simple commissioning of the device
  • Remote control and monitoring are possible
  • Several language options are available

Technical specifications 

MODEL A2-50 A2-100 A2-150 A2-200
Rating of individual units 50A 100A 150A 200A
Nominal voltage 200V – 480V (Auto voltage sensing)
Harmonic performance up to 50th harmonic – compliance with IEEE 519 and G5/4
Rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (Auto frequency sensing)
Operating modes All harmonics/All harmonics but not fundamental/Selective harmonics
Response time < 100 microseconds / 1 cycle (selective mode)
Parallel units Unlimited scalability, parallel operation of any rating combinations up to 7 units per one HMI is possible
Switching frequency 20kHz
Controller Real time digital control with FFT
Load balancing capacity 100% * IN of active filter
Neutral wire current 150A 300A 450A 600A
3-Wire/4-Wire 3W & 4W 3W & 4W 3W & 4W 3W & 4W
Human-machine interface (HMI) 7” easy to use touch screen interface
HMI languages 8 languages including English-German-Spanish-Chinese-Russian. Others on request
Monitoring On-site and remote monitoring possibilities
Reporting Reports data of power quality events from the last 30 days
Communication Ethernet, ModBus (TCP)
Cooling media Air
Protection degree IP 20 (for the module), (Up to IP54 depending on enclosure)
Ambient temperature 40°C, without derating
Humidity For operation: Maximum 85% RH; non-condensing, For storage & transportation (95%)
Power losses < 2.3%
Dimension 225x520x850 225x520x850 225x520x1200 225x520x1200
Weight 63kg 70kg 90kg 95kg
Cable entry Top or Bottom Top or Bottom Top or Bottom Top or Bottom
Noise 60dB 64dB 66dB 67dB
Accuracy of signals – Current transformers 3 pieces, secondary 5A or 1A, class 1 or better
*300 mm free space below and above required for air ventilation.

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