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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring 

ACE Power Electronics provides complete remote monitoring systems. Moreover, the company in its headquarters has installed a remote monitoring canter in order to provide customers a unique service.
Remote monitoring of a Uninterruptible Power Supply system (UPS). What is it?
ACE Power Electronics using remote monitoring systems for its clients is able to has immediate information about the operation mode of the equipment.

Some of the information that monitoring system can provide are mentioned below:

• Operation mode
• Batteries capacity
• Load level
• Temperature of the equipment and its environment
• Input and output characteristics
• Error reporting and system failuresThe technical department monitors and evaluates the above information and in case of emergency proceeds and restores quickly and efficiently the equipment. 


Remote Monitoring

How it works?
Remote monitoring service of a system is carried out with two ways online monitoring and offline monitoring.

Online Remote Monitoring
Online remote monitoring held out in real time where functions of the equipment continuously displayed on a computer. The technical departments of ACE Power Electronics receives and evaluates the information and alarms in real time.This application requires a phone line or internet connection.
After that the technical department suggests the appropriate procedure.

Offline Remote Monitoring
Offline remote monitoring held out by transmitting the occurred alarms of the equipment to the technical department of ACE Power Electronics.
The equipment sends the description or the code of the alarm in ACE Power Electronics connected computer via email and/or a message is sent to the technical department.
When a failure is detected then the service team connects remotely to the equipment in order to have more information about the malfunction.
After that the technical department suggests the appropriate procedure.