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The customer needs for protection, production and energy savings can vary according to energy consumption, machinery, geographical area and other parameters. ACE

Power Electronics

specializes in providing comprehensive

energy solutions

in the field of Power Electronics,

Renewable Energy

Systems and Energy Saving Systems.

In ACE Power Electronics initially we understand and gather the demands for the needs of each project and other information related with the project.

imgOur solutions for the selection of the equipment are designed in detail through the highly trained and computerized sales department in order to adapt the needs of customers.

Then, the proposal is been sent to the customer with integrated solutions according to international norms and standards.

Our experience keeping informed of technological developments in the field of energy and renewable energy sources contribute to the progression of already increased expertise of ACE Power Electronics.

Thus we design through the R & D department and manufacture a part of the offered products with the most stringent standards with the latest technology selected materials, with high-tech testing equipment and the help of the experienced technical personnel of the Production Department.

Also, through our cooperation with European and internationally acclaimed firms we offer a complete range of products for the protection, production and energy saving.

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Choosing ACE Power Electronics you are confident about your choice.

Even after the purchase of our products we offer a variety of high quality and timely technical support solutions such us installation service, Start-up and operation of the product and user training in order to meet the needs of our customer.

All of our products purchased are provided with a standard warranty.
Also, a wide rane of service and support options are available through the Maintenance Contracts.