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On Line

UPS Double Conversion or On Line UPS

-What is Double Conversion or On Line UPS?

On Line UPS provides maximum level of security and uninterrupted power supply and is the ideal solution for any kind of load such us electrical, electronic, and electromechanical installations. On Line UPS is recommended also for support of computer networks, Data centers and in general facilities with high requirements in terms of protection and electricity supply.

-How Double Conversion or On Line UPS works;

UPS VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent)
With this technology known as double conversion technology, the UPS output is independent from the supply voltage and the frequency variations are controlled within the limits prescribed by the standard.
In normal operating mode, the load is powered by the combination of rectifier/ inverter. When the AC input supply is not within the voltage and frequency tolerances, the unit enters into battery mode operation where the battery/inverter combination continues to power the load for as long as its power lasts, or until the AC input power returns within the required tolerances. The intervention time for battery operation is instantaneous (0 ms). If the rectifier/inverter fails or in the event of an overload, either in the permanent or transition mode, the unit goes into bypass mode (0 ms), where the load is temporarily supplied via the reserve line.

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