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Luminous Flux Regulators

Stabilux Luminous Flux Regulators

ACE Power Electronics provides the luminous flux


STABILUX that meet two of the main requirements for light installations: safety and reducing the cost of use.

-What is the luminous flux regulator STABILUX?

STABILUX luminous flux regulators constitute the most complete range available on the market today. Three series of regulators are available to satisfy the requirements of every plant, and guarantee a return on investment in line with the requirements of the various users. The luminous flux regulators STABILUX use the “feedthrough power” technology adopted by voltage stabilisers used to power loads susceptible to mains fluctuations. STABILUX offers extremely important advantages to the powered systems such as:
• Energy saving from adjusting of the lamp brightness
• Energy saving from the reduction of night overvoltage
• Reduction of maintenance costs
The electricity consumed on lighting is an important part of total energy consumption. The STABILUX systems help companies to save energy. Some applications of STABILUX systems are:

• Interior lighting:
Hotels, department stores, industry, logistic companies, oil facilities, factories and other buildings.

• Public Lighting:
Lighting of roads, avenues, squares and highways, airports, train stations, cargo and touristic ports, exhibition areas and public buildings.

• Tunnels

In tunnels the use of STABILUX provides

energy savings

along with controlled lighting.

-How does STABILUX luminous flux regulators works?


luminous flux regulator

STABILUX starts up by automatically executing the ignition cycle of the lamps in a time programmable by the user depending on the type of lighting source powered. After this, the regulator gradually reaches the preset rated voltage value. When, for various reasons, the peak lighting level is no longer needed, the regulator reduces the voltage powering the lamps, thus achieving a significant energy saving. The transitions between the various operating conditions are so slow that the change in illumination is not perceptible to users. Whatever the operating conditions, the output voltage is maintained within ±1% of the preset value, even with considerable input voltage variations. After a black-out, when the mains is restored, STABILUX performs a new ignition cycle before bringing the output voltage back to the preset value. This function is essential to grant a safe restrike of the lamps.

ACE Power Electronics provides luminous flux regulators.

All the products are CE marked.

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