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Uninterruptible power supply in packaging industry with high power UPS

In uninterrupted operation was put into a new paper machine in an industry of production and processing of packaging, after ACE Power Electronics undertook the installation of a high-power UPS for its power supply. The industrial unit specializes in innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, offering a wide range of cartons for sales promotion, transport and catering services. ACE Power Electronics designed the uninterruptible power supply solution for the industry, using for this project a UPS MULTI SENTRY MST 160 KVA from RIELLO UPS, in order to support the electrical equipment of the machine. According to the industry, this machine is designed to produce many different grades of paper.

The Multi Sentry Power Supply System fully meets the modern requirements of the machine, since it guarantees a continuous and quality supply of electric energy. Its main features include:

◾ High efficiency 96.5%

◾Monitoring technologies that enable rapid problem detection and identification of areas for improvement to ensure machine power continuity

◾ Ability to extend power

At the same time, 7 Sentinel Pro SEP 2,200 series low-power UPSs were placed in the facility in various parts of the plant. Thus, the project was completed with a positive impact for the industry, as the use of UPS will contribute to both continuous operation and protection against any disruptions in the power grid.