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Uninterruptible power supply in entertainment areas

ACE Power Electronics, through the multitude of energy solutions it has, chose and installed the UPS SENTRYUM 20 KVA, with the aim of supporting an innovative multipurpose entertainment venue. The multipurpose hall is located in the northern suburbs of Athens and is a modern concept with a welcoming environment, which offers unique socializing, entertainment and relaxation experiences. It has meeting rooms, facilities for sports, as well as spaces for holding various events, for which the need for continuous power supply and uninterrupted operation of the equipment is considered essential.

Thus, with the use of UPS Sentryum, the installation is ensured, among other things:High power availability

Sentryum’s fully rated design delivers full power (kVA=kW) regardless of the load power factor. The high overcurrent availability enables the system to deal with sudden peak loads (without static bypass intervention) and provide the short circuit current if required during operation on battery. The innovative input stage design provides extremely high battery recharging current, whilst at the same time an energy efficient conversion process during battery operation to reduce the power wasted and to increase the autonomy time compared to legacy DC/ AC converters.

High efficiency

Advanced average current mode digital PFC control and State-of-the-art three-level NPC inverters working at high frequency contributes to minimise the UPS’s impact on the grid and hence reducing the overall operational costs and energy bills.

With the use of UPS Sentryum, uninterrupted operation and security is provided to the loads of the entertainment area, ensuring the satisfaction of its visitors.

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