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Uninterrupted power support at the hotel PLAZA TIRANA

ACE Power Electronics continues its successful course abroad, cooperating with large hotel units and providing protection to their electrical equipment. The company undertook the installation of 2 UPS MULTI SENTRY with a power of 60 KVA in parallel connection with battery banks, to ensure backup operation in the event of a failure of one of the UPS. The application of UPS took place in the luxurious hotel PLAZA TIRANA, located in the capital of Albania.

The hotel was equipped with a state-of-the-art UPS to support the casino systems included in this project, as well as the hotel’s IT equipment.

The specialized engineers of ACE Power Electronics, having a high level of experience, chose to support the loads of the hotel the 2 UPS MULTI SENTRY, aiming at the complete safety of its electrical equipment and the uninterrupted operation of all the services available at the hotel unit.

Among the highlights of the Multi Sentry range from RIELLO UPS are the monitoring technologies, which allow rapid detection of problems to ensure the operation of loads. Also noteworthy is the possibility of filtering and correcting the power factor in the electric energy network, eliminating harmonic components and limiting the reactive power produced by the power circuits.

ACE Power Electronics has added to its portfolio of installations another application in the hotel sector, while ensuring the orderly and safe operation of Plaza Tirana.