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Uninterrupted operation in “smart home” systems for rented villa of a hotel

ACE Power Electronics continuously continues its successful cooperation with a large hotel unit. In the recent installation carried out by the company, this time on behalf of a rental villa, it contributed to the overall level of protection and safety in the accommodation’s electrical equipment. The power solution proposed by the company is the UPS SENTRYUM with a power of 60 KVA, which supports all the electrical equipment installed in the luxury resort and the smart home system which ensures its uninterrupted operation.

The selection of UPS Sentryum by the Riello UPS company serves every modern need, being an integral element for the “smart home” and contributing to its uninterrupted protection. The advantages of the Sentryum series include efficiency up to 96.6%, high reliability and flexibility of use. It also has features such as high energy efficiency and performance, ensuring savings in operating and installation costs.

Upon completion of the application, the hotel engineers once again expressed their satisfaction with ACE Power Electronics and their highly trained technical support team.