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The ideal UPS for industrial environments

The new modular UPS of uninterruptible power supplies that ensures maximum flexibility & high efficiency.

ACE Power Electronics presents the UPS Sentryum Rack, the new range of UPS modules developed to guarantee the protection and continuity of power supplies for all applications, in which environmental conditions are particularly difficult (dust, humidity, suspended chemical particles, etc.) or industrial processes. ACE Power Electronics is the official distributor of Riello UPS, a world leader in the production of static uninterruptible power supplies.

Sentryum Rack is available in both standalone version 20 KVA / KW and modular version ranging from 20 to 160 KVA / KW, both can be in single-phase and three-phase output configurations. The UPS Sentryum Rack guarantees maximum system flexibility thanks to its high adaptability to any power supply network and plug & play installation, which does not require special settings or interventions by the operator.

Additionally, the individual units, which can be either single-phase SRM (Sentryum Rack Single-Phase) or three-phase SRT (Sentryum Rack Three-Phase), are compatible with common standard 19-inch cabinets in networking and industrial environments. While the models of Sentryum Rack cabinets (equipped with switch panels) up to 60 KVA / KW can be installed with 3 units of 20 KVA / KW, with the possibility of reaching a total of 160 KVA / KW with several cabinets installed in parallel. However, the ability to create parallel systems up to 160 KVA / KW is guaranteed even with standard 19-inch cabinets.

At the same time, power connections are managed by durable Harting cables and plug & play connectors specially designed to operate in harsh industrial environments, which ensure simplicity and safety during insertion and removal. The connection terminals of the units are arranged in such a way that the connections of the communication signals are isolated and separated from the electrical ones (input, output, bypass line, battery) thus ensuring complete protection from disturbances created by the power supply network. This particular feature makes them suitable for industrial environments where it is common for the network to be disrupted.

It is worth noting that an important feature of the UPS Sentryum Rack is its ability to be adapted to a variety of installations, as it has from 30 to 44 batteries that can largely cover all the machines that operate on the market.

Finally, the Sentryum Rack series is able to guarantee great flexibility and simplicity both during the maintenance or replacement phases of a module and when one or more UPS modules are added to the system to increase the available power or redundancy.

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