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Smart Grid: Smart UPS operation connected to a smart grid

The evolution of electrical power grids is a key element for achieving greater sustainability; particularly fundamental are the power management systems for balancing supply and demand, for using energy in the most sustainable and efficient way: smart grids.
Smart grids are nothing more than power grids that efficiently integrate and manage the behavior and actions of all the connected consumers (generators, output points, etc.), with the aim of ensuring the economically efficient operation of the electrical system, with a high level of safety, continuity and quality of supply.

Smart grids not only introduce new concepts to power grids but also new business opportunities with regards to installations with UPS: batteries of uninterruptible power supplies represent significant investments, but they are only partially used.

Using these distributed power accumulators and generating business in power accumulation scenarios will become fundamentally important.

Smart grids also mean the integration of different energy sources, two-way flow, information exchange grids and centralized management. In this new scenario installations with UPS can take on new roles, becoming virtual power plants, decentralized power accumulation systems, variable power generators and above all they can be combined with renewable energy sources.

In order to be “smart grid ready”, UPS must allow for the implementation of power accumulation solutions, and at the same time ensure extremely high levels of efficiency. They must also be able to independently select the most efficient operating method based on the status of the grid. They must be able to electronically interface with the energy manager using the smart grid communication network. Always open to technological innovation, Riello UPS has invested in research and technology to develop smart grid ready products, creating the Sentryum, Next Energy, Master HP, Master MPS and Multi Sentry ranges, the first smart grid ready UPS on the market.