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Sentryum Active S3T: The perfect solution for your Industry!

ACE Power Electronics has recently equipped a well-known bottling industry. ACE’s proposal for the protection of state-of-the-art facilities was the UPS Sentryum Active S3T 20 KVA, from the Italian company Riello UPS. The Sentryum series is the third generation of UPS On Line without transformer, which provides uninterruptible power supply, with high operating efficiency up to 96.5%. Available in versions 10-15-20-30-40 KVA. Sentryum improves the popular Multi Sentry (MST) series and has been developed following high customer demand. S3T redefines the concept of flexible power protection, offering three different sizes to meet the diverse needs of small data centers and critical mission applications: Compact (CPT), Active (ACT), Xtend (XTD). The Sentryum Active S3T has enhanced overload (125% for 10 minutes, 150% for 1 minute) and short circuit capability (270% for 200ms and 150% for 300ms) thus guaranteeing maximum availability. It incorporates a 5-inch color touch screen and a “smart” LED status indicator that automatically changes color, based on the current operating mode of the UPS. At ACE Power Electronics you can find Riello UPS uninterruptible power supplies. RIELLO UPS is a world leader in the manufacture of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS). ACE Power Electronics has been working with Riello Elettronica group for over 30 years, offering products and solutions that can support any energy requirement in a variety of industries.

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