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Riello UPS

About Riello UPS

Riello UPS is the brand of Uninterruptible Power Systems designed and produced by RPS S.p.A., a company based in Italy that belongs to the group Riello Electronica.
The Riello UPS uninterruptible power systems have been specifically designed for critical applications in data centers, communication systems, offices, medical environments, transportation, industrial complexes and other applications. Riello UPS is a leader in Italy and firmly placed within the first 4 companies in the global market for technological research, production, sale and support. Research on quality, optimize resources and strong impetus to technological innovation, combined with the consistency and experience, make the RPS profile of a company that is able to meet the growing market needs.
The growth strategy in international markets focused on a network of wholly owned subsidiaries that offer a high level of support and expertise at the local level, while giving the Riello UPS presence worldwide. Today RPS has two production areas in Italy, twenty subsidiary companies in Europe, China, India, Singapore and Australia and operations in more than 80 countries worldwide.


About Riello Elettronica

The Riello Electronica is a group of companies which actived in areas related to high technology: The energy sector represents the core of the UPS group (Design, production, sale and support of business and photovoltaic inverters via the brands Riello UPS and Aros Solar Technology).

ACE Power Electronics is cooperating for over 20 years with the world famous Riello Elettronica group offering products and solutions by the brands Riello UPS and Aros Solar Technology.