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Riello UPS win the “Energy Solution of the Year” Award at DCWA2023

Riello UPS win the “Energy Solution of the Year” Award at DCWA2023, thanks to our Multi Power2, smart, scalable and sustainable modular UPS solution, achieving over 98.1 % operational efficiency in online mode. This award underscores our commitment to pioneering energy-efficient solutions for the modern Data Center Industry.

In today’s digital epoch, as data centers form the backbone of our interconnected world, the quest for power solutions that meld technical excellence with energy efficiency is paramount. The Multi Power2 by Riello UPS emerges as a synthesis of these aspirations, underpinned by avant-garde design, technical prowess, and a commitment to sustainability.

Technical Excellence in Energy Efficiency
At the heart of the Multi Power2 lies its unmatched operational efficiency, exceeding 98% in online mode. In the technical parlance of power solutions, this metric signifies a monumental leap in energy conservation. Over an extended operational duration, typical of data center environments, this efficiency translates into tangible energy and cost savings. Specifically, for a 1MW system, the repercussions of this efficiency are pivotal: approximately, upgrading from a standard UPS with 96% efficiency in Online Mode to a Multi Power2 with 98% efficiency (a 2% improvement) can generate substantial yearly savings of approximately 30,000 Euros.

Beyond direct energy savings, this efficiency ensures reduced thermal output, curtailing the energy demands of cooling systems. The cascading effect of these efficiencies amplifies the total savings, making it not just a technical achievement but an economic one as well.

Innovative Attributes Driving Performance 
The Multi Power2 is a repository of technological innovations:

  • Silicon Carbide UPS Technology: Enhancing system efficiency, it also facilitates the use of smaller electrical network devices, leading to infrastructure savings.
  • Smart Modular Architecture (SMA): Ensuring optimal performance across varied loads, it circumvents energy wastage due to inefficiencies.

The Multi Power2 by Riello UPS is not just an advanced power solution; it’s a harmonious blend of technical innovation, economic prudence, and environmental responsibility. By weaving cutting-edge technical advancements with a broader vision of sustainability, it addresses the demands of modern data centers.