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Medical sector

Project Detail

Medical sector uses electronic sensitive equipment for its operations which is sensitive to voltage fluctuations, as well as in sudden failures.

The equipment of a clinic or a medical center such as biochemical or hematological analyzer, electron microscopy or ultrasound machine may malfunction when there is no steady power supply or even be destroyed in case of a sudden power failure.

The solution for the problems above is provided with the Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPSs) which protect from voltage fluctuations, provide uninterrupted power and increase the life cycle of medical equipment.

Depending on the type of UPS ensure continuity of operation of the equipment even in case of power failure, with the possibility of autonomy depending on the user’s needs. For even larger energy consumers such as hospitals are also offered high quality UPS systems capable of unlimited autonomy expansion. Thus there is provided continuity of electrical energy often critical, such as an operating room. ACE Power Electronics collaborates with major hospitals in the private and public sector, clinics and diagnostic centers providing comprehensive energy solutions and reliable products.