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Project Detail

The hospitality industry has high power requirements. ACE Power Electronics suggests to hotels Energy Solutions for protection, production and energy saving.

In cases of interruption of power supply ACE Power Electronics suggests Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPSs), with their aid the equipment continues to operate even in case of power failure. The autonomy (runtime) of the UPS system depends on the UPS model and the number of batteries. According to the needs for power, a few minutes up to several hours can be covered until the electricity supply is restored.

In many cases hotels require protection from voltage fluctuations for this reason the suggested equipment is Voltage Regulators. These products are being applied centrally in the installation in order to protect the equipment. An additional benefit coming from their use is that they increase the life cycle of the supported equipment.

The electric energy – saving is a major issue for each hotel unit for which ACE Power Electronics proposes a dynamic solution: the energy saving systems from the world’s largest company in the sector, IREM.

These systems are applied centrally at the installation and save energy through voltage optimization while ensure the proper operation of equipment. Energy saving systems allows you to instantly see the KWh saved. Also, the use of photovoltaic systems can decrease and even eliminate the electricity costs of the hotel. Photovoltaic systems also help to reduce the energy footprint. Also, they have almost maintenance needs and long life cycle.