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Data Centers

Project Detail

Data Centers are the brain of every business as the entire company depends on them. For this reason, the availability of such systems should be at maximum importance.

ACE Power Electronics provides data center with Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs). Depending on the power, protection and availability levels required an appropriate type of UPS will be chosen.

Usually, for small and medium-sized data centers double conversion UPS are offered, while in cases of larger power requirements such as data centers Modular UPSs are preferred. Modular UPSs have the possibility of increasing power and autonomy supporting the increased system requirements. Furthermore, Modular UPS occupy the smallest possible footprint.

The UPS systems provide the necessary flexibility allow with a small footprint with maximum performance. ACE Power Electronics provides UPS systems covering every requirement in room server, from small data centers to high-volume Data Centers facilities.