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Sentinel Dual (High Power) (3.3 – 10 kVA)

Sentinel Dual (High Power) (3.3 – 10 kVA)

On Line UPS

Sentinel Dual is the best solution for powering mission critical applications and electro-medical devices requiring maximum power reliability.
Flexibility of installation and use (digital display, user-replaceable battery set), as well as the many communication options available, makes Sentinel Dual suitable for many different applications from IT to security.
The Sentinel Dual range is available in 3,3-4-5-6-8-10 kVA models with on-line double conversion technology (VFI): the load is powered continuously by the inverter which supplies a sinusoidal voltage, filtered and stabilised in terms of voltage, form and frequency. In addition, the input and output filters significantly increase the load’s immunity to mains disturbances and lightning strikes.
Technology and performance: selectable Economy Mode and Smart Active Mode functions. Diagnostics: Standard digital display, RS232 and USB interfaces with PowerShield3 software included, communications slot for connectivity accessories.



Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

Main features:

Simplified installation

  • Can be installed on the floor (tower version) or in rack mount cabinets (rack version). The display panel can be rotated (using the key supplied)
  • Low noise
  • External bypass option for maintenance with interruption-free switching (5-6-8-10 KVA SDL)
  • Operation guaranteed up to 40°C (the components are designed for high temperatures and are thus subject to less stress at normal temperatures)
  • Two built-in IEC output sockets with thermal protection (5-6-8-10 KVA SDL)
  • On the 5-6-8-10 KVA models, it is also possible to program two 10 A output sockets when the mains power supply fails (PowerShare function).

Operating mode selection
Functions can be programmed via software or manually via the front display panel.

  • On line
  • Economy Mode: to increase efficiency (up to to 98%), allows for the selection of Line Interactive technology (VI) to power low priority loads from the mains supply
  • Smart Active: the UPS automatically decides upon the operating mode (VI or VFI) based on the quality of the mains power supply
  • Emergency: the UPS can be selected to function only when the mains power supply fails (emergency only mode).
  • Frequency converter operation (50 or 60 Hz).

High quality output voltage

  • Even with non-linear loads (IT loads with a crest factor of up to 3:1)
  • High short circuit current on bypass
  • High overload capacity: 150% by inverter (even with mains failure)
  • Filtered, stabilised and reliable voltage (double conversion on-line technology (VFI compliant with EN62040-3)), with filters for the suppression of atmospheric disturbances.
  • Power factor correction: UPS input power factor close to 1 and sinusoidal current uptake.

High battery reliability

  • Automatic and manual battery test
  • Reduced ripple component (detrimental to the batteries) using a low ripple current discharge (LCRD) system
  • Batteries are user replaceable without switching off equipment and without interruption to the load (Hot Swap)
  • Unlimited extendible runtime using matching Battery Boxes
  • The batteries do not cut in during mains failures of

Emergency function
This configuration ensures the operation of those emergency systems that require continuous, reliable and long-lasting power supply in the event of a mains power failure, such as emergency lighting, fire detection/ extinguishing systems and alarms. When the mains power supply fails, the inverter begins powering the loads with a progressive start¬up (Soft Start) in order to prevent overload.

Other features

  • Selectable output voltage (220-230-240 V)
  • Auto-restart when mains power is restored (programmable via software)
  • Bypass on: when the machine is switched off, it automatically goes into bypass and battery charge mode
  • Minimum load switch-off
  • Use of IMS modules (Insulated Metallic Substrates)
  • Status, measurements and alarms available on standard backlit display
  • UPS digital updating (flash upgradeable)
  • Manual switching to bypass.

Advanced communications

  • Advanced multi-platform communications for all operating systems and network environments: PowerShield3 monitoring and shutdown software for Windows operating systems 8, 7, Hyper-V, 2012, 2008, and previous versions, Mac OS X, Linux, VMWare ESXi, Citrix XenServer and other Unix operating systems
  • USB port
  • RS232 serial port
  • Slot for installation of communications boards.

High Power Factor

  • More power delivered
  • More real output power (W)

MODELSSDL 3300SDL 4000SDL 5000SDL 6000SDL 8000SDL 10000
POWER3300VA/2300W4000 VA/2400 W5000VA/4500 W6000VA/5400 W8000 VA/7200 W10000 VA/9000 W
Nominal Voltage220-230-240 VAC
Minimum voltage184 VAC
Nominal frequency50/60 Hz ±5Hz
Power factor> 0,98
Current distortion≤7%
Voltage tolerance 180 – 264 VAC (selectable in Economy Mode or Smart Active Mode)
Frequency toleranceSelected frequency ±5% (selectable by user)
Overload Times125% for 4 seconds, 150% for 0,5 seconds
Nominal Voltage 220-230-240 VAC selectable
Voltage distortion< 3% with linear load / < 6% with non-linear load
Frequency50/60 Hz selectable
Static variation1,5%
Dynamic variation≤ 5% in 20 ms
Crest factor3:1
Type VRLA AGM maintenance-free lead based
Recharge Time 4-6 hours
Net weight (kg)384062649495
Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)175 x 520 x 455 tower
19” x 520 x 4U rack
175 x 660 x 455 tower
19” x 660 x 4U rack
2 x (175 x 660 x 455) tower
2 x (19” x 660 x 4U) rack
Line-interactive/Smart Active
Protections Overcurrent – short-circuit – overvoltage – undervoltage – temperature – excessive low battery
CommunicationsUSB / RS232 + slot for communications interface
Output sockets2 x IEC 320 C13 + 1 x IEC 320 C20Terminal board + 2 x IEC 320 C13
Standards EN 62040-1 EMC EN 62040-2 Directives 73/23 – 93/68 – 2004/108 EC EN 62040-3
Operating temperature0 – 40 ° C
Relative humidity<95% non-condensing
Colour Dark grey RAL 7016
Noise level at 1 m (ECO Mode)< 40 dBA< 45 dBA
Standard equipment provided  2 x 10 A cables; 1 x IEC-16 A plug;
software; serial cable; keys for releasing
display panel; handles kit
2 x cable guides; cable tips; software; serial cable;
keys for releasing display panel; handles kit 


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