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TL Inverter (1500-12500 W)

TL Inverter (1500-12500 W)

Solar Inverters (On-Grid Inverter)

Sirio EASY
Easy installation and use Lightness, compactness, ease of installation and configuration; these are the special characteristics of the EASY series which are particularly suited for residential and small scale commercial installations. In fact, thanks to the wide range of voltage and input current, they are found to be extremely well adapted to systems that have size limitations.


Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

Main Features:

Cooling system
The cooling system used in the EASY series, comprising of a temperature controlled fan, efficiently conducts heat outside the casing, and is switched on only if strictly required. The operating temperature is controlled by specific sensors, which, in extreme cases, reduce the output power to protect the device from overheating, hence protecting the inverter from complete stoppage.

Sirio EVO
Reliability and versatility for all requirements The wide range of inputs, on account of the adoption of the NPC topology, together with IP65 degree of protection, allow it to be placed outside the inverter near the generator, simplifying the wiring on the DC side, reducing the loss and containing the installation costs. The multi-string technology also allows strings with different orientations and inclinations to be managed, so as to work better with multiple models and panel types, even if there is partial shading; making the inverter more flexible and assisting the installer in different configurations. The integrated DC switch disconnector allows the inverter to be rapidly and securely isolated in the event of an emergency or extraordinary maintenances.

Common Features
Quality power supplier TL inverters implement innovative technologies, have high quality components, are sized with a wide margin for normal operations and can provide for routine machine maintenance without compromising on the wide-ranging operational flexibility. The innovative digital control for all power stages guarantees low susceptibility for power disruptions, avoiding undesired disconnection due to variations or micro-interruptions. The Sirio EASY and EVO inverters integrate input and output surge protection and have control devices and redundancy protection- especially in the output stages- to guarantee operability and continuous operation.

Higher conversion efficiency
The Sirio EASY and EVO series inverters have been manufactured with galvanic separation, optimising the size and weight and thereby improving the ergonomics of the entire system. Thanks to the use of “transformerless” technology and state-of-the-art components, TL inverters guarantee conversion efficiencies of up to 98%.

Simple Communication
An LCD situated on the front panel displays all the main information in a simple and intuitive manner: power, energy produced and any faults, referring to other parameters such as grid voltage, the voltage of the photovoltaic modules and the grid frequency. The inverter also has an integrated data logger which records the instantaneous data with a configurable frequency between 5 and 60 minutes in addition to saving the production data every day for a period of about two years. With a simple setting, it is also possible to activate the night-time consultation function, which queries the inverter through a (series) USB, RS485/422 bus or other slot cards (optional) even during the night when the device is normally switched off.

Internal GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
In accordance with article 712.413. of section 712 of the IEC 64-8/7 Norms, the TL inverters are designed in such a manner so as not to pass continuous earth fault current. In fact, the inverters have an advanced break-down protection circuit that continuously monitors the leakage current to the ground; this protection is in fact a Class B differential. In the case of an earthing fault, the converter is deactivated and the fault is indicated with a red LED and suitable error code on the front control panel.

Certified quality
For the first time in Italy, the EASY and EVO series inverters have obtained the IMQ certification, guaranteeing reliability and product quality to the consumer. This certification, which is attested by a third party, proves that the product conforms to the characteristics of performance and security set by the Italian and European technical standards.


  • Display 2 line, 16 character LCD
  • Communication interface USB and 2 input voltage
    free contacts (for absence /
    presence of the signal and
    remote tripping) of series
    RS485, ModBUS and Ethernet
    optional (slot version)




Rated AC power 1500W2000W3000W1500W2000W3000W4000W5000W6000W10000W12500W
Maximum AC Power1500W2000W3000W1500W2000W3000W4000W5000W6000W10000W12500W


Maximum DC Voltage in open circuit 500 V DC580 V DC800V DC800V DC1000V DC
MPPT operating range100÷450 V DC100÷500V DC100÷720V DC150÷720V DC150÷720V DC150÷900V DC
MPPT at full rating range150÷450V DC200÷450V DC180÷500V DC170÷720V DC220÷720V DC240÷720V DC270÷720V DC240÷720V DC270÷720V DC300÷800V DC360÷800V DC
Operating interval 100÷500V DC150÷580V DC100÷800V DC150÷800V DC150÷800V DC150÷1000V DC
Maximum imput current11 A DC18 A DC10A DC13A DC16A DC13A DC for MPPT16A DC for MPPT18A DC for MPPT
Voltage during system startup90V DC90V DC110V DC
Threshold voltage for grid supply120V DC150V DC130V DC150V DC220V DC220V DC
Shut down voltage60V DC60V DC60V DC70V DC
Ripple voltage<3%<3%<3%
Inputs number1224
MPPT number112
DC ConnectorsMC4 or compatibleMC4 or compatibleMC4 or compatible


Operating voltage230V AC (1)230V AC230V AC400V AC
Operating range184÷276V AC (1)184÷276V AC (1)184÷276V AC (1)318÷480V AC (1)
Maximum power range200÷276V AC (1)200÷276V AC (1)200÷276V AC (1)346÷480V AC (1)
Frequency range47,5÷51,5Hz (1)47,5÷51,5Hz (1)47,5÷51,5Hz(1)
Frequency range setup47÷52Hz (1)47÷52Hz (1)47÷52Hz(1)
Rated current6,5A AC8,7A AC13A AC6,5 A AC8,7A AC13 A AC17,4 A AC21,7 A AC26 A AC14,5 A AC18 A AC
Maximum current7,5A AC10A AC15A AC7,5 A AC10 A AC15 A AC20 A AC25 A AC30 A AC17 A AC21 A AC
Sort circuit current contribution 7,5A AC10A AC15A AC7,5 A AC10 A AC15 A AC20 A AC25 A AC30 A AC17 A AC21 A AC
DC current injection<32mA<43mA<65mA<32mA<43mA<65mA<87mA<108mA<130mA<72,5mA<90mA
Total Harmonic Distorsion (THDi)<4%<4%<3,5%<3%<4%
Power factorfrom 0,9 ind. to 0,9 cap.(1)from 0,9 ind. to 0,9 cap. (1)from 0,9 ind. to 0,9 cap. (1)
Galvanic separationNoNoNo
AC connectorsWieland RST25Wieland RST25Terminals 16mmqWieland RST25


Maximum efficiency97,20%97,30%97,00%96,65%97,10%97,15%97,20%98,00%
European efficiency95,00%95,30%96,20%>94,75 %>93,3%>95,65%96,15%>96,00%96,30%97,60%97,70%
Stand-by consumption~9W~9W~9W~1W
Overnight consumption1W (4W if night-time consultation is set)1W (4W if night-time consultation is set)1W (4W if night-time consultation is set)0,6W (5W if night-time consultation is set)
Built-in protectionsGround fault monitoring on the DC side and fault current monitoring on the AC side
(differntial class B according to IEC60755). Surge Arresters type 3
Ground fault monitoring on the DC side and fault current monitoring on the AC side
(differntial class B according to IEC60755). Surge Arresters type 3
 Ground fault monitoring on the DC side and fault current monitoring on the AC side
(differntial class B according to IEC60755). Surge Arresters type 3
Protection during stand-by operation In accordance to regulations of the country of installationIn accordance to regulations of the country of installation In accordance to regulations of the country of installation
Hearth leakage detectionYesYesYes
Heat dissipation Forced (temperature controlled fans)ConvectionConvectionForced (by temperature controlled fans)
Operating temperature -20°C÷50°C (+45°C no derating)-20°C÷60°C (45°C without derating)-20°C÷60°C (45°C without derating)
Storage temperature-20°C÷70°C-20°C÷70°C-20°C÷70°C
Humidity 5÷95% non-condensing4÷100% condensing4÷100% condensing


EMCEN61000-6-3: 2007; EN61000-6-2: 2005EN61000-6-3: 2007; EN61000-6-2: 2005EN61000-6-3: 2007; EN61000-6-2: 2005
SafetyEN 62109-1:2010; EN62109-2:2011EN 62109-1:2010; EN62109-2:2011EN 62109-1:2010; EN62109-2:2011
Directives2006/95/CE; 2004/108/CE2006/95/CE; 2004/108/CE2006/95/CE; 2004/108/CE
Grid managementCEI 0-21, Real Decreto 413/2014CEI 0-21 , CEI 0-16, A70, VDE AR N 4105, VDE 0126-1-1, Real Decreto 413/2014, PO12,3CEI 0-21 , CEI 0-16, A70, VDE AR N 4105, VDE 0126-1-1, Real Decreto 413/2014, PO12,3
(1) These values can vary depending on the local regulations         

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