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Sirio Control Data

Sirio Control Data
Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring program

Sirio Data Control was developed with the aim of simplifying the configuration of controlled devices as much as possible without compromising the main function of a program–which is supervising and


devices on a LAN or through Internet up to a maximum of 300


. The graphical user interface of the Sirio Data Control has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, showing all the available measurements and all the historic data of each inverter at the same time. Unlike the SunVision 2, the Sirio Data Control recovers any missing historical data from the apparatuses without the limitation of having the software always running on a dedicated PC.
Sirio Data Control also enables the user to remotely send control commands (like switching on/off, management of the active and reactive power, soft starts) to the inverter in the field.


NOTE: Compatibility is guaranteed with centralised inverters having firmware display 1.2.5 or later and with


TL inverters. (EASY and EVO) with NetMan 204 Solar network card


Product Brochure

Main features

  • Monitoring AROS inverter both on LAN and through Internet
  • sending control commands to an individual inverter or to the entire PV plant
  • optionally displaying the system’s productivity in full screen mode (for example for large monitors in large scale installations or public administrations)
  • simple and self-explanatory buttons
  • scanning the LAN and automatically adding the inverter without user intervention
  • assigning the addresses without using the DHCP server
  • real-time measurement of each inverter
  • synchronising the inverter’s date/time with the pc

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X

Sirio Data Control

Download the Pdf here