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Environmental sensors for NetMan 204

Enviromental sensors- NetMan 204 

Monitoring UPS

The NetMan environmental sensors are able monitor and record environmental conditions as well as activities in protected areas and the area where the UPS is installed. The environmental sensors allow management and control to be extended to cover the area around the UPS, monitoring the temperature and humidity and driving cooling fans or locks. Values are provided via Internet, SNMP and via PowerShield3 software.

PowerShield3 can be used to manage sensor operating states in order to send messages. NetMan can manage up to 6 separate sensors. Environmental sensors are quick to install thanks to their small footprint, and they do not require a separate external power supply. Thanks to the self-learning sensors, configuration is also rapid and intuitive.

The following sensors are available:

  • 55 +125 °C Temperature Sensor
  • 55 +125 °C Temperature and 0-100% humidity Sensor
  • 55 +125 °C Temperature and I/O digital 0-12 Vdc In, 1A max Out at 48 Vdc Sensor.

Product Brochure

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