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Energy Saving System 


ECOSTAB-ECOBUCK is a voltage stabilizer designed for Energy Saving and capable of improving Power Quality in all mains voltage conditions.

Ecostab-Ecobuck supplies the load with a stable voltage having a value less than or equal to the nominal mains voltage.

The voltage with which the load is powered can be set through a potentiometer between the nominal value and -8%.

Ecostab-Ecobuck is able to increase or reduce the voltage of the electrical distribution network in order to provide the loads with an optimal voltage, which can be set to a desired value and kept stable.

The desired value is linearly adjustable between a minimum value of 368V (-8%) and a maximum value of 400V (± 0%).

In the entire range of variation of the mains voltage allowed by the standard (± 10% of the nominal value of 400V) the load is always powered by the Ecostab-Ecobuck at the desired voltage, kept stable at ± 1%.

The variations of the mains voltage both in excess and in default are compensated and the supply voltage to the load is kept stable at the set value.

For example, if you want to select a supply voltage to the load of 380V equal to -5% of the nominal voltage of 400V, the selected voltage value is kept constant within the entire range of the input variation between 360V and 440V.

The electric user is powered by the Ecobuck with a stabilized voltage when the mains voltage is greater than the output voltage set on the Ecobuck itself. When the voltage of the electrical network is lower than the set voltage value, the Ecobuck does not make any corrections, consequently the load is powered by the mains voltage. For example, if you want to select a supply voltage of 380V equal to -5% of the nominal voltage of 400V, the selected voltage value is kept constant in the range of the input voltage variation between 380V and 440V.

If the mains voltage drops to 375V, for example, the Ecobuck would deliver 375V to the load. As soon as the mains voltage returns to a value higher than the set value (for example 382V), the Ecobuck returns to operate by adjusting the voltage on the load.

IEC 60038

for electric equipment operating tolerances and supply an operating voltage which minimises consumption without impairing performance or reducing reliability.
IEC 60038 establishes that the electric equipment must be able to work correctly at an input voltage within ±10% of the nominal value, that is from 253V to 207V for single-phase devices and from 440V to 360V for three-phase devices.
This is an essential feature for all electric devices because


producers establish that the supplied voltage may vary within these limits contractually.
As a consequence, if a load is supplied at a value close to the lower operating tolerance limit (-8%) also when the mains voltage assumes the higher value established by contract (+10%), the difference between 253V and 207V in absolute terms is 18%.

This power supply difference allows to:

  1. a) obtain a significant saving of energy;
    b) Extend the working life of electric equipment. Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimisers prevent devices from being powered at higher values than the rated voltage. For example, it is a known fact that the life of sodium bulbs is reduced by 50% when they are powered at a voltage 10% higher than their rated value;
    c) Secure a significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. This corresponds to approximately 630 g for every saved kWh of energy.

Ecostab-Ecobuck automatic voltage optimisers deliver a stabilised voltage which can be set to the minimum tolerance established in IEC 60038, i.e. -8% (212V). This value is guaranteed also in presence of significant mains voltage variations. Interestingly, these devices are also excellent mains voltage stabilisers.

  • Standard single-phase modelscan deliver a variable voltage from 230V to 212V with input voltage comprised in the 207-253V range.
  • Standard three-phase modelscan deliver a variable voltage from 368/212V to 400/230V with input voltage comprised between 360/207V and 440/253V.

Models capable of broader input voltage variations may be built on demand. These may be needed because voltage may sometimes exceed the 10% tolerance specified in the supply contract.

Saving and return on investment

There are many factors which contribute to saving energy and reduce the payback period:

  • Mains voltagewhich is not always close to rated value. Voltage is usually higher late at night: 10% higher than the rated value is a common condition. This level is often exceeded when the user is located near an electric substation. Saving increases to approximately 20% when the voltage exceeds 10% of the rated value.
  • Type of powered device. Some devices allow higher saving than others and some electric devices do not provide any significant saving at all.
  • Device use.The best results are obtained by using Ecostab-Ecobuck in connection to motors with stall torque often lower than the maximum deliverable torque.
  • Overall consumption of devices powered by the voltage optimiser.The higher the power of the Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimiser, the shorter its payback period.

Since not all the appliances and loads ensure the same saving, a careful analysis on their use is necessary to predict potential saving.

Sometimes, it may be advantageous to limit the use of Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimisers to some devices to optimise the investment.

The cost of the voltage optimiser will be usually paid off by the saved energy in a period ranging from one to five years.

Operating principle

An electronic control circuit detects the voltage delivered by the voltage optimiser and compares it to a reference voltage. If the difference between the output voltage and the reference voltage exceeds the preset tolerance limits, an error signal is generated; this signal may be either negative or positive according to whether the output voltage is lower or higher than the preset value. This signal activates the servomotor which moves the mobile contacts (electrographite rollers / brushes) of the variable autotransformer thus changing the transformation ratio in order to supply the additive or subtractive voltage needed to restore the value within the predetermined limits to the primary winding of the series transformer. The root-mean-square value (RMS) of the output voltage is stabilised and consequently not affected by possible harmonic distortions present in the input mains. This regulation system has the advantage of not having mobile contacts in series to the power supply line.


Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

General features

Range. Voltage optimisers are available in power range from 5 to 4000 KVA.

  • Single-phase 100-110-115-120-127-200-220-230-240-265-277V.
  • Single-phase with input 240V and output 230V.
  • Three-phase 208-220-230-240-380-400-415-440-460-480-500V.
  • Three-phase with input 415V and output 400V.
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz.

Accuracy. Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimisers secure the true RMS voltage value with an accuracy of ±1% according to the presence of high harmonic distortions of the mains.

Regulation speed. An innovative control circuit combines an extremely fast regulation speed, from 11 to 33 ms/V according to the model, with the structural reliability of the electrodynamic system.

Overload capacity. This is a peculiarity of the Ecostab-Ecobuck electrodynamic regulation system. These devices can withstand overloads up to ten times the rated power for ten milliseconds, five times the rated power for six seconds or twice the rated power for one minute without damage.

Efficiency. Efficiency up to 98% at full load.

Power factor and load variation insensitivity. The adopted operating principle ensures that the accuracy and the regulation speed features of Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimisers remain unaltered under any load condition (full load or no load, with inductive or capacitive loads).

Frequency variation insensitivity. The control circuit works correctly also with mains frequency variations up to ± 5%.

Harmonic distortions. The high quality and correct use of materials ensure that the harmonic distortion is always maintained within 0.1% in any operating condition.

Impedance. The installation of an Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimiser in a pre-existing system does not require a new calculation of the protections because the internal impedance of the optimiser, varying from 0.52 to 0.015 Ohm, does not significantly affect the line impedance.

Operating temperature. Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimisers are designed to work correctly at a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C in the most demanding conditions: continuous operation, full load and minimum input voltage. Models suitable for operation at temperatures higher than 40°C are manufactured on request.

Degree of protection. According to the ambient conditions, the safety requirements and the installation site, Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimisers are available in 4 versions with the following protection degree: IP00, IP21, IP54 INDOOR and IP54 OUTDOOR.

Reliability.  The MTBF exceeding 500,000 hours is the result of continuous improvement in technical aspects and production process.

Cooling system. Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimisers are cooled in different manner according to the type of casing and the ambient conditions by means of:

  • natural convection
  • fans
  • air conditioning

Installation. It is rather quick and easy. The voltage optimiser is installed after the energy counter and before the electric users.

Special versions. Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimisers can be equipped on demand with special fittings in separate cabinet, like e.g.: maintenance by-pass, thermal magnetic circuit breakers, insulating transformer, surge suppressors, lightning arresters, harmonic filters.

Remote control. Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimiers can be equipped with a special optional monitoring system POWER METER permitting the remote control via ETHERNET, INTERNET, GSM/GPRS. The following electric and physical parameters are detected: frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power, distorting power, three-phase equivalent current, line current, power factor, active, reactive and inductive energy, harmonics, temperature, humidity, switch and contactor state. By using the POWER MANAGEMENT software installed on a non-dedicated PC, detected values can be managed and statistics can be obtained on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis with various viewing, data processing, cost calculation and energy saving possibilities.

Compliance with standards. Ecostab-Ecobuck voltage optimisers comply with the following Directives:

  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility 2004/18/EC and following amendments.
  • Low Voltage Electrical Equipment 2006/95/EC and following amendments.

M2..B Single- phase 230V 50-60 Hz- IP21
ModelRated Power (KVA)Input Voltage Variation (±%)Output regulation range (%)Response Time (ms/V)Output accuracy (±%)Dimensions AxBxH (mm)Net weight (kg)
M208EJ8B8100 to -8211600x350x29045


Y3..B Three- phase +N 400V 50/60 Hz -IP21
ModelRated Power (KVA)Input Voltage Variation (±%)Output regulation range (%)Response Time (ms/V)Output accuracy (±%)Dimensions AxBxH (mm)Net weight (kg)
Y308EJ20B20100 to -8131350x580x890120

3 cabinets













M2..S Single- phase 230V 50-60 Hz- IP21
ModelRated Power (KVA)Input Voltage Variation (±%)Output regulation range (%)Response Time (ms/V)Output accuracy (±%)Dimensions AxBxH (mm)Net weight (kg)
M208EJ8S8100 to -8211600x350x29045


Y3..S Three- phase +N 400V 50/60 Hz -IP21
ModelRated Power (KVA)Input Voltage Variation (±%)Output regulation range (%)Response Time (ms/V)Output accuracy (±%)Dimensions AxBxH (mm)Net weight (kg)
Y308EJ20S20100 to -8131350x580x890120

3 cabinets








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