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Multi Power2 takes the ‘UPS Product of the Year’ category at the Excellence Awards!

Another important distinction was received by the Riello UPS company thanks to the Multi Power2 series, in the ‘UPS Product of the Year’ category at the Excellence Awards event, organized by the magazines Data Center Review and Electrical Review.

The Multi Power2 series was named ‘UPS Product of the Year’ in the annual competition after winning the consumer vote and proving to be the best product choice, rewarding the innovative features of this uninterruptible power supply system. The UPS provides intelligent, scalable, sustainable power to data centers and other critical applications.

At the same time, the Multi Power2 uninterruptible power supply system offers a market-leading efficiency of 98.1%, as well as scalability, excellent reliability, and the upgraded range of Multi Power2 UPS helps to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership. Among its important elements, the SiC technology (silicon carbide technology) stands out, with which it combines higher performance and reliability of the system with lower losses and heat production. It also has the ability to connect up to 4 cabins in parallel, so you can achieve a power of 6,400 KW in a single UPS system!

In addition, this series of UPS stands out for its unparalleled flexibility and is available in different versions as shown below:

-MP2 (up to 500 KW)

-M2S (1000-1250-1600 KW)

With this distinction, Riello company highlights its effort to produce and create innovative products, providing reliable energy solutions to its customers.

ACE Power Electronics is proud to collaborate for more than 20 years with the leading Italian group Riello Elettronica and provide the Greek market with UPS solutions.