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Multi Power2 – Our New Modular UPS

Introducing Multi Power2, the evolution of RIELLO modular UPS that raises the bar for efficiency, flexibility, and performance.

Our brand new UPS delivers smart, scalable, sustainable power to data centres and similar mission-critical applications.

Its evolution involves a step forward in technology for every component, from new power modules and high-speed buses, to compact cabinets and improved internal communications structure (Smart Modular Architecture).

Multi Power2 builds on the successes of the original Multi Power series. It delivers even higher power density and efficiency, along with unparalleled scalability that minimises your upfront investment and Total Cost of Ownership.


Ultra-High Efficiency

New 67 kW power modules deliver up to 98.1% efficiency in online double conversion mode.

Unbeatable Reliability

Robust design avoids any single point of failure, with hot-swappable modules.

Outstanding Scalability

‘Pay as you grow’ scalability minimises both upfront investment & ongoing running costs.

Unmatched Flexibility

The Multi Power2 is available in several configurations:

MP2 (up to 500 kW)

-Scalable M2S (1000-1250-1600 kW)

Parallel up to 4 UPS together to achieve 6,400 kW of power in a single UPS system!