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Modular UPS installation in Institute of Computer Technology & Publications

ACE Power Electronics undertook and successfully completed the installation of an uninterruptible power supply of Modular technology UPS with a total power of 336 KVA in the Data Centers of the Institute of Computer Technology & Publications. These are the UPS Multi Power, which consist of 4 modules of 42 KW, with a total power of 168 KVA per UPS. In addition, the UPS are accompanied by the appropriate batteries which offer the desired autonomy to ensure the uninterruptible operation of the Institute’s Data Centers.


Uninterruptible protection and power supply of the electrical installation

Thanks to the application of the two UPS, the electrical installation will have uninterruptible protection and support for the critical loads of the Data Centers, while the specific UPS are distinguished by their high performance, through which they achieve, among other things:

reduction of electricity bills

shift to a lower scale of charges

reducing the initial investment of wiring and transformers

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