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Line Interactive or On line UPS?

UPS is the ideal solution for protecting devices that involve either electrical appliances in your home (eg computer screen), or demanding data centers in your workplace.

However, It is important to remember that voltage fluctuations are a very common phenomenon, especially nowadays due to the extreme weather conditions that are observed. All electronic systems are made up of devices and components that are particularly prone to failures caused by just such fluctuations in electricity. It is therefore essential to protect these systems with a reliable UPS that will extend their life. For small and medium-sized systems, which have lower power and are relatively easy to ensure continuity and quality of power supply, ACE Power Electronics recommends Line Interactive UPS (Voltage Independent). 

More specifically:

For more advanced systems, with complex IT components, we recommend choosing ON LINE Double Conversion UPS (Voltage Frequency Independent). ACE Power Electronics has a wide range of On line UPS and below we list some of them:

Which are the differences between Line Interactive and On line UPS? 

Line Interactive UPS is an economical solution and is usually preferred in cases where there is a relatively stable power supply network without large voltage fluctuations. In addition, the Line Interactive UPS has an autonomy time of 5-10 minutes which is not upgraded. However, there are cases of equipment that need more autonomy and so the solution comes to provide UPS with On Line technology.

On Line UPS are the ideal solution to provide the maximum level of protection and uninterrupted power supply of any kind of load, electrical, electronic, and electromechanical installations. They are recommended for support of computer networks, Data centers and in general installations with high requirements of protection and power supply.

In particular, with VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) technology, known as Dual Conversion, the UPS output is independent of the supply voltage and frequency fluctuations, which are controlled within predetermined limits.

ACE Power Electronics works with branded companies that design UPS specifically for critical applications in data centers, communication systems, offices, medical environment, transportation, industrial complexes and other applications.

The models range from 400 VA to 6.4 MVA with the possibility of autonomy from a few minutes to several hours and cover any need for smooth operation of the loads.

Learn more about our products through the site of the company ACE Power Electronics: https://acepower.gr/en/