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Improving the quality of the electric energy in the metal components industry ZENITH

ACE POWER ELECTRONICS has successfully installed an active harmonic suppression filter in the company ZENITH, which manufactures high precision industrial metal components, based in Thessaloniki. ACE’s main goal was to improve the power quality of the industry installation. ZENITH was facing problems with the new low voltage distribution panel that it recently installed in its facilities. In particular, the capacitors banks field was severely malfunctioning (very low power factor, pf≤0.5). After measurements made with a power quality analyzer by ACE, a very large presence of harmonics in the installation and tuning phenomena during the operation of the capacitor banks was confirmed. The current distortion was very high (THDi = 150%), exceeding the limits of 5% set by the international power quality standard 519-2014 of the IEEE. The engineers of the company ACE POWER ELECTRONICS after the analysis of the measurements undertook the dimensioning, the supply and the installation of the appropriate active harmonic suppression filter of the Finnish company MERUS POWER. With the use of this device, the level of harmonics of the installation was reduced (THD. 5%). At the same time, through the reactive power compensation function, a corresponding saving of money was achieved. Thus, the power factor of the installation was increased and reached cosφ = 0.98. This fact was pointed out and evaluated very positively, by the responsible engineer of the factory, as well as by all the people of ZENITH, who were completely satisfied with the result and the technical support of ACE.

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