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Improving the quality of electric energy in the plastics industry

 Installation study

ACE Power Electronics undertook the design, supply and installation of an Active Harmonic Filter. More specifically, more than 68,000 resonance phenomena had occurred in the facility, which created serious problems in operation. The active harmonic filters provided an absolute solution to these malfunctions.

Complete installation of Active filter

With the completion of the installation of the Active filter and after the measurements were carried out in production lines, the suppression of these phenomena was successfully confirmed. In fact, no resonance phenomenon was recorded in the installation, as the Active Harmonic Suppression Filter and the non-tuning capacitors were working. In the measurements carried out, an increase in the voltage of the installation from 376-377V to 385-387 V was observed, which was achieved with the compensation systems and contributed decisively to the better operation of the production lines of the industry.

Improvement of electric energy quality in the facility

At the same time, it is worth noting the reduction of the current harmonic factor THDi, which before the installation of the active filter had a value of 9-12% with peak values ​​of 15%, according to the measurements carried out. However, after implementing the systems installation through the harmonic suppression function, the THDi coefficient showed a significant reduction to 2.5%.

Complete satisfaction from the plastics industry

Now the facility is running smoothly and the industrial engineers are fully satisfied and at the same time committed to their company’s core business as the facility’s production lines are running smoothly and without any malfunction.