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Off-Grid Systems

Off-Grid Systems 

The solution for you is an

off-grid photovoltaic system

. The off-grid photovoltaic system is a power system with

solar panels

that stores energy in batteries and covers the entire energy needs of a building or an installation.

Select your off-grid

PV system


If electricity grid is absence the off-grid PV system is an ideal solution for both domestic and commercial use. The key elements that you should know about dimensioning of the system are:
1. Load. Is the power in Watt of your devices or equipment.
2. Frequency of Operation. Operation hours of devices also have an important role in the selection of    the system.
3. Operation Time. Depending on the period that the system is used and the proper autonomy of the      system which is selected. The autonomy of the system is different if the system is used throughout        the year or partly, such as summer or two days a week for the rest of the year.

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Off-Grid System 1000Wh
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Off-Grid System 2000Wh
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Off-Grid System 3000Wh
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Off-Grid System 10.000Wh
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