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Grid-connected photovoltaic systems

Grid-connected photovoltaic systems

The grid Grid-connected photovoltaic system is a power system with

solar panels

which injects the energy produced to the electricity network.

How does Grid-connected photovoltaic system work?

The Grid-connected photovoltaic systems are connected directly to the electricity grid of the region placed, giving the grid the produced power. The meter records the amount of energy produced (in KWh) generating the corresponding financial income. Necessary condition for the establishment of such a solar park is that the appropriate installation space (ground, roof, etc.) is provided and it is not shaded by the South (Southwest and Southeast) side. The solar park consists of solar panels on a sturdy mounting system and inverters (DC / AC inverter). The maximum power that can supply depends on the number of frames arranged in each available area.

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Grid-connected photovoltaic system 5.000Wp
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Grid-connected photovoltaic system 10.000Wp
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