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Do you have a pellet stove? We explain why you should equip with a UPS.

While design and functionality can influence the decision over which pellet stove to purchase, economics remain the primary factor. Any increase in energy costs will push customers towards alternatives that deliver lower operating costs. Another important consideration is that pellets are decidedly more efficient than other traditional energy source over their entire production cycle.

The most recent models of wood pellet stoves are characterized by strong electronic components. Like all devices of this type, they are susceptible to blackouts and disturbances to the electrical network, which in addition to interrupting normal operations, could cause serious damage to the components. In the event of a power failure, the electronics in the pellet stove are deactivated by interrupting its functions. In this condition, the stove is no longer able to expel fumes in a forced manner, normally pushed outside by the machine’s fans. The device will also no longer be able to completely burn the pellets inside the crucible, clogging it and forcing it to be cleaned before the stove starts up again. In addition, any lack of mains electricity with thermo-powered stoves would cause the interruption of the normal circulation of water, bringing it to a boil.

Statistics show that the highest percentage of power outages in our country are under 5 minutes. Therefore, considering that the operational cycle of a pellet stove is around 15 minutes, a short blackout could require a delay of at least 30 minutes for thorough cleaning and the time it takes to restart the device. Therefore, the adoption of a static uninterruptible power supply becomes an essential requirement in order to guarantee the correct operation of your device and preserve its integrity for several years.

But how to choose the correct model? Here are some useful tips:

Using the technical figures from the device’s datasheet or manual, calculate the power of the stove and any separate ventilation system. This will help to determine the power rating of the UPS.

Choose a model that delivers a sinusoidal waveform when running on battery. This is crucial for compatibility with the electronics in the stove.

In order to preserve the performance of the batteries contained within the UPS, it is advisable during the summer period to keep the blocks connected to the electricity grid, or at a minimum ensure they are recharged at least every two months to 100% of the recommended charge as indicated in the user manual.

ACE Power Electronics that is official distributor of Riello UPS, suggests the Vision series (VST). These Line Interactive models are available in a power range from 800 VA to 2000 VA and deliver a sinusoidal output voltage.

This technology is capable of operating efficiency up to 98%, which reduces energy consumption whilst also ensuring a high level of protection against any fluctuations present in the electrical network.

Find out more about UPS Vision (VST) in the following link: https://tinyurl.com/3h7wvd5a