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ACE Power Electronics at Riello UPS

ACE Power Electronics participated in Riello UPS Academy held September from 24 to 26 in Riello UPS factory in Italy. Riello UPS Academy brought together official representatives from all of the countries, among them was ACE Power Electronics. The program included seminars which covered a wide range of Riello UPS products in Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs).

Innovation is a primary objective for the R&D department of Riello UPS, the company applies constantly new features and practices in its products designed to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. Riello UPS is actively participating in the promotion of sustainable development.

In this framework belongs the selection mode Smart Active, a function that achieves power savings. Also, it was detailed presented the functions of the UPS which are created in the near future as the Smart Grid Ready mode.

The communication of UPS systems is also important factor as it provides information on the system status. In Riello UPS Academy, were presented the new communication cards Net Man and the upgraded software Power Shield, these products are coming into the Greek market through the ACE Power Electronics.

ACE Power Electronics collaborates for more than 20 years with the group Riello Electronica providing products and energy solutions that cover the most demanding needs.