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ACE Power Electronics presents the new solution in Rectifying systems

ACE Power Electronics, corresponding to the market requirements presents the most reliable and flexible solution in Rectifying systems, of branded Italian manufacturers. More specifically, Rectifiers – Chargers are direct current (DC) power systems, suitable to meet the requirements for industrial operating environment, as well as for any critical environment requested. It is worth noting that the design for heavy-duty applications, the use of processors, as well as thyristor or IGBT technology increase the reliability and availability of solutions. In addition, the Rectifiers are a very flexible solution, as they are available in different output voltages 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V DC etc. In addition, the use of lead-acid or nickel cadmium batteries creates a system of uninterruptible power supply (DC UPS).

Key features of Rectifiers:

  • IGBT or Thyristor, depending on power
  • Isolation transformer on AC input line
  • System control with industrial PLC
  • Touch LCD panel

Rectifiers – Chargers, are the most suitable choice for applications such as the petrochemical industry, the mining industry, airports, railways, as well as for a variety of applications.

Learn more information about Rectifiers-Chargers in the following link: https://bit.ly/3LpUamB