Othonos 39, 17343
Agios Dimitrios Athens
09:00 - 17:00


ACE Power Electronics Gold sponsor at Hotel Tech Conference

ACE Power Electronics is Gold sponsor at Hotel Tech Conference which will be held Thursday, February 9 in Athens. The conference is dedicated to technologies offered hotels and is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

Electricity is an extremely important issue for the hotels. ACE Power Electronics provide more than 25 years’ products and energy solutions for Protection, Production and Saving Electricity. Employees experience and expertise and the renowned suppliers that constantly evolve their products aim to cover the most demanding needs of the market in products and energy solutions.

ACE Power Electronics offers products for the hotel industry which are designed to increase the availability and protection of electrical energy. Also, energy solutions aimed to reduce electricity consumption, CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and the expense of electricity energy.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to learn about characteristics of energy products that their efficiency has a significant role in the consumption of the installation. They will also be presenting new technologies and policies that aim to increase the sustainability of the hotel unit reducing emissions from electricity consumption and also the cost of it.

For your participation in the conference please fill your details in this form: http://hoteltech.gr/registration/?lang=en