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ACE Power Electronics ensures power quality and electrical equipment protection at City of Dreams Mediterannean in Cyprus

ACE Power Electronics carried out the supply of four Active Harmonic Suppression Filters and one UPS, to the CITY OF DREAMS MEDITERRANEAN casino which is one of the leading development projects in Cyprus and the largest casino in the entire country. The modern casino that is part of this multi-themed resort, includes a large number of sensitive electronic equipment such as IT systems, with a high risk of common power quality problems (harmonics, voltage fluctuations, etc.).

With the implementation of the project, two Active Filters of the A2 100A series, two Active Filters of the A2 200A series manufactured by the Finnish company MERUS POWER and a 100 KVA MULTI SENTRY UPS manufactured by the Italian company RIELLO UPS, were installed.

With the application of Active Harmonic Suppression Filters, the quality of the network’s electric energy is ensured, which entails saving operating costs and improving energy efficiency. 

The installation of the UPS contributes to the uninterrupted operation and protection of emergency lighting systems, from power outages.

The engineers of casino declared themselves fully satisfied with all the systems they chose from ACE Power Electronics. Visitors can enjoy safely and without unexpected interruptions all the activities of the facility, while the casino of the iconic CITY OF DREAMS MEDITERRANEAN is guaranteed the best quality in the electric energy that powers the facility.