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The ideal solution to save energy

ACE Power Electronics proposes the innovative Ecostab – Ecobuck voltage optimizer series, a smart solution to save electric energy. Voltage optimization is an energy-saving technology that, by operating through systematic and controlled reduction of the grid voltage, reduces the absorption of active and reactive power from the network. The advanced Ecostab – Ecobuck , by exploiting the principle of voltage optimization, increases the level of power quality and produces energy savings measured and quantified according to the international reference standard.

Important features of voltage optimizers are the following:

  • Power range: from 5 to 4000 KVA, in single-phase & three phase-version
  • Overload capacity
  • Efficiency: exceeding 98.5%
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • Protection of loads
  • Extend the working life of electric equipment

Voltage optimizers are used in various sectors: industries, hotels and many other applications.



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